how do you genuinely convince your parents that they actually raised you better off than they believe and therefore should give you more freedom than they generally do because the way they treat you like a child will never help you grow as a person who learns from mistakes but instead someone who doesn’t have the opportunity to explore their life until they can actually move out on their own? 

I swear my parents think they raised me as some whore devil child who just wants to be in trouble all the time when actually I’m a normal teenager who just wants to hang out with her friends and not get my phone taken away every two seconds or having to put my phone downstairs at night because I’m not allowed to sleep with it beside me….. idk my parents are fucking psycho (mostly my dad) because he is actually insulting himself by saying I’m a bad child who can’t have the chance to prove him wrong because he raised me better, he just isn’t giving himself the opportunity to see for himself. 

My parents act like they’re disappointed in me which is one of the worst things to feel from your parents but I hope they realize they’re disappointing me too.

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